7 Ways to Stay Serene during Challenging Times




Last month my colleague shared some helpful tools in how to cope with our ambiguous losses. I thought I would piggyback on that with how we can find some serenity. The dictionary defines it as “a state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled”. That might appear to some of you reading this as complete hogwash. How, during this stressful and unpredictable time, can we feel any of those feelings? It is not something that is an easy thing to do, yet it is possible. The trick to finding that state of being is to practice it throughout your day. Little steps can actually go a long way to helping one experience serenity.




Oftentimes, we might not have a clear understanding that we have left our ‘zen space’, but here are a few warning signs: feeling irritable and/or angry; crying for what appears to be no apparent reason; sudden emotional outbursts; ruminating constant negative thoughts; feeling fatigued; loss of interest in doing anything enjoyable; restlessness; feeling like you want to isolate even though you are not necessarily able to socialize much anyways. If any of this sounds familiar, for yourself or for a loved one, then you are most likely struggling with finding serenity.

It is important to find serenity in our lives; it helps us maintain a homeostasis for our physical, mental, and emotional health. Below are some suggestions for how to feel more serene in your day-to-day life:

1.    Give thanks: Start and end your day by giving thanks for all that you have, whether it’s food, shelter, clothing, or something else.

2.    Practice acceptance: Life will always throw you curveballs, and it can get you down if you don’t practice acceptance.

3.    Be kind: Acting unkindly towards others does not benefit you. Instead, be kind, and most others will in turn be kind to you.




4.    Keep your environment clean: It’s hard to relax in a messy space, so keep it clean and fill it with things that bring you joy. Practice Feng Shui or look up Marie Kondo tips.

5.    Get enough sleep: Getting the right amount of sleep each night will help you wake up with a clear and relaxed mind. 

6.    Use serenity quotes: Hang serenity quotes on your fridge, around your home, and in your car to remind yourself of your goals. You’d be surprised how they can begin to change your mindset!




7.    Calm your wandering mind: Our minds easily drift away to unsettling thoughts when we let them. Instead, bring them back to what you love. Yoga or meditation can be useful.

Lastly, here is one more thing I will leave you with and something that comforts me in times of stress, loss, or discomfort:

G-d, grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change,

courage to change the things I can,

and wisdom to know the difference.

-Reinhold Niebuhr

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Author: Carla Fischer, MA, LMHC, LMT

Author: Carla Fischer, MA, LMHC, LMT

Carla Fischer, MA, LMHC, LMT has been a Mental Health Counselor for over 15 years. She received her training for Mental Health Counseling at Webster University in Central Florida. Carla has traveled extensively; through that experience she developed an understanding of culture and discovered that background shapes who we are and how we experience the world. Carla is bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish she also has a good control of the German Language.

Carla approaches Mental Health Counseling therapy with an open heart and mind.  She is aware that the willingness to start opening up and dealing with emotions is the first step in finding solutions to whatever concerns the client. The use of body centering or emotional centered therapy has been an integral part of helping her clients find balance in their lives and work through some of the difficulties that they might face.

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