Rabbi Arny on…New Beginnings

“To commence a worthy project, engage with purpose and joy. Let gladness guide the hard work through envisioning the goodness that can be wrought.”

Starting something new is never easy. How much work is it going to take? Is it worth it? What obstacles are going to get in my way? Start by remembering why it’s important to you and what the end goal is. Let the happiness of reaching that goal motivate you forward.

New year, new beginnings. Placing 2020’s obstacles behind us and carrying the lessons learned with us, this year, Jewish Family Services is looking forward to continuing its mission of providing vital services to the community. We will continue to provide telehealth counseling services. We will continue to operate the Pearlman Emergency Food Pantry through appointments and social distancing. And we will continue to remotely schedule rides to doctor appointments for low-income seniors and disabled adults.

We’re ready for a new year. How about you?

Start your new year off right with your $50 gift to your Central Florida community today.

Thank you!

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