Rabbi Arny on…The Symbolism of Passover



“Bitter herbs, to remind us of the bitterness of having to do without, struggling to get up to a level of continuing sustenance. Charoset, to remind ourselves of the sweetness of life when each contributes his or her talent to the goal or product.

In effect, harmony gained from diversity.”

This Passover, don’t forget what the Seder symbolizes. Although how we celebrate might still look different this year, remember to be thankful for the blessings in our lives, as well as those we can share with others.

Many of the people that come to JFS Orlando are struggling and going through that “bitterness of having to do without.” Help us bring them a little “sweetness of life” this holiday season.

Happy Passover!
Celebrate Passover with us by donating $50 to JFS Orlando today.

Thank you!

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