Rabbi Arny on…How to Keep Justice Flowing



“Let justice well up like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.” 

(Amos 5:24)

This biblical Prophet Amos describes Justice as an ever-flowing stream of water, presumably from a bottomless water well or rushing stream. Why the image of water? Because water is the basis for physical life. Without water, no life can sustain. We can go without food for a time, but not without water for the same period. Likewise, society cannot sustain without Tzedek (Justice), without what is due a person for conditions of need.

Since 1978, Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando has served people in need. In the name of a community seeking justice and righteousness, please consider donating to “keep Tzedek flowing”.

We invite you to Stand for Justice with us.

Your monthly gift of $36 will support JFS Orlando’s critical work in the community.

Thank you!

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