Jeffri’’s Story



Almost overnight, Jeffri found herself unemployed, with two teenage sons to support on her own, and with mortgage and utility bills starting to pile up. “I was afraid of not only losing our home, but just not being able to feed my family,” she admits.

Jeffri worked for an advertising agency for seven years, which, for a time, provided a stable living for her and her twin sons. However, she knew she couldn’t stay there for long. “The person who owned the advertising agency was abusive. I’d been doing some therapy and learning how to do a little bit more self-care and standing up for myself,” she explains. “I just knew I needed to leave there.”

After she left, Jeffri started working various temp jobs here and there to get by. “I was making a little bit of money, but it just wasn’t enough to support my family.” She needed a helping hand to make ends meet. “Being in the Jewish community, I was aware of Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando. I decided to call and make an appointment. They were very welcoming and provided a safe space. I explained my situation and they were very helpful!”

JFS Orlando’s emergency services program was able to pay two months of Jeffri’s power bill. “It was a big relief,” she expresses. “And we were able to utilize the food pantry and get groceries. That was very helpful. Also, we received counseling services. The three of us went as a family and my sons were able to also go for individual support.”

Thanks to the help Jeffri received at JFS Orlando, her family was able to keep moving forward. “It took a weight off my shoulders. I was having to try and figure out how to do everything and how to provide everything all on my own. JFS Orlando filled in the gaps, and I am very grateful for them.”

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