Weekly Wellness Corner

Week of 5/16/2022

How “efficiently” does your body run? When you take care of your body, you will think and feel better too. Explore physical self-care by (you guessed it!) exercising and eating healthy, but also by simply turning off all distractions and focusing on using your body the way you want to. For some, this is a relaxing bubble bath, for others it’s a morning walk. Remember, when you don’t voluntarily take time to care for your body, you might be forced due to an illness.

Practicing a little physical self-care doesn’t have to be hard. We’re here to help. From our Pearlman Emergency Food Pantry stocked with healthy food options, to our trained therapists who can set you on the right path to wellness, JFS Orlando has a FAMILY of services just for you. Learn more by exploring our website or call (407) 644-7593.

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