Weekly Wellness Corner

Week of 5/23/2022

Next time you’re stuck in evening traffic, take a few seconds to enjoy the pinks and purples in the sunset. It might be the most overlooked, but spiritual self-care can help you feel grateful to be here on this earth, and move the focus away from yourself to something bigger. It can be going to a house of worship, saying a prayer or mantra, or it can be as easy as appreciating the everyday wonders and beauty of nature. These simple moments of reflection can help you find peace and tranquility.

Self-care may not come naturally to you, but we’re here to help. Our counselors are available to help you build out a wellness plan with healthy habits tailored to you. Call (407) 644-7671 or request a counseling appointment online. To learn more about JFS Orlando’s FAMILY of services, explore our website or call (407) 644-7593.

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