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Week of 5/30/2022

Feeling burned out at work and need to take a day off for your mental health? Well, that break will deliver few benefits if you spend it in bed binge-watching your favorite shows or “doom-scrolling” online. Such activities are like “eating junk food”—it tastes good in the moment, but it’s not good for you long-term. Instead, pepper your day with activities that are restorative but not stressful, such as taking a long walk outdoors or calling a friend or family member if you feel you’ve been prioritizing work over social contact.

Above all, make time for moments that you can savor, whether that’s reading a book or having a massage. Putting your wellness first doesn’t have to be complicated. JFS Orlando is here to help with our FAMILY of services and programs designed just for you. Learn more by exploring our website or call (407) 644-7593.

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