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Week of 6/20/2022

Get ‘em while they’re in season! From apricots & peaches, to blueberries & strawberries, and even to cantaloupe & watermelon, the summer means plenty of delicious fresh fruits to enjoy. Did you know that these tasty healthy options can actually help your mental health? Fruits are nutrient-packed, containing important vitamins & minerals that help reduce the causes of stress, anxiety, and depression. Added bonus? They’re sweet, so it doesn’t feel like you are depriving yourself of an enjoyable snack! Pick some up at the grocery store this week. 

The summer is a perfect chance to make little adjustments to improve your wellness routine. We can help. From counseling to our food pantry, learn more about our FAMILY of services by calling us at (407) 644-7593 or exploring our website.

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