Caring for Our Ukrainian Neighbors



We have all seen the disturbing news reports of millions of Ukrainians being forced from their homes to find temporary shelter in neighboring European countries. The Orlando community, as always, stepped up to donate supplies and money to aid Ukrainian refugees in Europe. But some managed to make it to the shores of North America in the hope of reaching friends or relatives. Several refugees ended up in Orlando and needed help.

Naturally, they were referred to Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando for help. With few personal belongings, no access to money, and not being able to speak English, they were in urgent need of our assistance to make it through this difficult transition.

JFS Orlando jumped into action by first focusing on longer term housing and access to food. Through our dedicated volunteers and donors, we were able to facilitate appropriate living accommodations, arranged for furniture to be donated, and helped with getting them acclimated to their new surroundings.

Going through such a horrific ordeal can cause significant mental health issues, even to the strongest of us. Add in the language barrier and getting help is not easy. We located Ukrainian speaking counselors to help those refugees get the needed counselling to better deal with the trauma of war.

We didn’t restrict our efforts just to our own backyard. JFS helped those with family or friends in other parts of the United States get the services they needed from local partners so they can be closer to their support system.

Our new Ukrainian neighbors are going through the unimaginable. We are proud to be able to provide humanitarian assistance to them and all those in need. Whether from near or far, JFS Orlando is here to care for the well-being of our growing community through our family of services.

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