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Week of 10/17/2022

I asked for forgiveness, they’ve accepted my apology, now what? The journey of forgiveness doesn’t end there. You think you’ve figured out the patterns and triggers that caused the issue in the first place. Now it’s time to take the next step… reconciliation! Listen to one another to adjust where you can and try to not let the issue happen again. If you and your partner keep having a fight about finances, try building out a budget together or talk about their perspectives. Be honest with yourself, realistic, and flexible. It might not work the first time, and that’s okay, but the important thing is to keep the line of communication open.

When you’re ready for that next step, our therapists are here for you to help figure things out. To request a counseling appointment with a JFS therapist today, call (407) 644-7671 or visit our Counseling page. Learn more about JFS Orlando’s FAMILY of services by exploring our website or call (407) 644-7593.

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