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Week of 1/2/2023

Before you get started on your new year’s resolutions, take a look at what was on your list last year. What worked and what didn’t? Was there an activity or hobby you wish you could have done more of last year? Reflect on what you could do differently this year to make it work. Was it an issue of time management or were you over-scheduled? Now is a good time to reprioritize and make sure those new resolutions put your wellness first and fit well into your routine for the new year!

Make your mental health a priority this year! Meeting with a JFS therapist could be the perfect new year’s resolution to get your wellness back on track and moving forward. We even have virtual counseling appointments to make it even easier to fit your schedule! Call (407) 644-7671 or visit our Counseling page to request an appointment today.

Learn more about JFS Orlando’s FAMILY of services by exploring our website or call (407) 644-7593. Happy New Year!

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