Volunteer Application

Not currently accepting volunteers. This page will be updated shortly.

*Volunteers under the age of 18 must have parent/guardian signatures and provide their contact information.

Parent Guardian Contact Information

(Provide if volunteer is under the age of 18)

Students – Please fill out if you need documentation of your hours*

*Students are required to provide the Volunteer Coordinator with appropriate forms to fill out and sign. Letters of recommendation are available upon request.
*If answer is yes, please fill in the following automobile information.
I give my consent to JFS Orlando to contact my refernces, my insurance company, my employers, past and present, and conduct a routine background check.

Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando Volunteer Agreement – Confidentiality

The relationship between Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando (JFS Orlando) and each person it serves is confidential. Protecting that relationship is an essential part of the agency's obligations to its clients. All JFS Orlando volunteers are expected to observe the principle of confidentiality in obtaining and releasing information about clients. Information about clients is made known to volunteers as representatives of the agency and is to be used only for the purpose of giving service.

Addresses and telephone numbers of clients, their families, and staff are considered confidential. An address or a telephone number should not be released to another individual or agency without the consent of the person concerned. If you need clarification about what information may or may not be released, consult your supervisor.

In order for Volunteer Services to be effective, all volunteers must maintain strict confidentiality with respect to ALL information including names, addresses, and phone numbers of care receivers and their families. The following guidelines are important.

  1. As a volunteer, you are not expected to make decisions regarding situations you may encounter, but you are expected to report any problems or concerns you may have to the Coordinator of Volunteer Services.
  2. Anything that clearly goes beyond the conversation of a person needing a friend may need professional involvement.
  3. Do not reveal any information about a family you visit outside JFS Orlando's facility.
  • I agree to regard all information received in the performance of my volunteer work in this program as confidential.
  • I understand that this program respects the rights of clients and care receivers with regard to privacy of information, and I agree to respect these rights in the performance of my volunteer duties and keep "professional" confidentiality in all my statements outside of JFS Orlando's facility.
  • I understand that confidentiality is not defined as withholding information from the Coordinator of Volunteer Services or a JFS Orlando Counselor.
  • I agree to respect JFS ORlando client's rights to privacy as well as those of their family and the agency, whenever I make community presentations or participate in volunteer programs. The content of any such presentations must be approved in advance by the Coordinator of Volunteer Services, Program Director or Executive Director.
*If volunteer is under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must provide signature

Volunteer Responsibility

  1. Attend orientation for new JFS Orlando volunteers.
  2. Attend in-service trainings as offered.
  3. Understanding the time requirement of the volunteer job accepted.
  4. Commitment to the necessary time required including prompt arrival and service for the specified amount of time.
  5. Notification to the Volunteer Coordinator of any absence or change in plans.
  6. Be considerate and work as a team player with agency staff and other volunteers.
  7. Decline work you do not find acceptable.
  8. Asking questions regarding procedures that may not be fully understood.
  9. Tell your supervisor about any problems and offer suggestions if you have them.
  10. Use reasonable judgement to make a decision if you are not sure of JFS ORlando policy. Then, as soon as possible, consult yout supervisor for guidance.
  11. Avoid attempts to persuade clients to accept your personal standards; put aside personal viewpoints when performing your volunteer responsibilities.
  12. Understanding and maintaining the principle of confidentiality.
  13. Acceptance of JFS Orlando's right to dismiss or reassign a volunteer.
  14. Prompt notification to the Coordinator of Volunteer Services if resignation becomes necessary.
  15. Follow "JFS Orlando Volunteer Manual" guidelines.
*If volunteer is under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must provide signature

Volunteer Code of Ethics

As a JFS Orlando Volunteer, I realize that I am subject to a code of ethics similar to that which binds the professionals with whom I work. I, like them, expect to be held accountable for my actions. I will keep confidential any information entrusted to me by JFS Orlando as well as by my clients.

As a Volunteer:

  • I agree to work without pay, but with the same high standards as paid staff.
  • I will approach my work with an attitude of open-mindedness, and will remain non-judgemental.
  • I am willing to receive training for my responsibilities and follow directions and guidelines as established by the agency.
  • I understand that I represent JFS Orlando when I volunteer and will maintain a professional appearance.
  • I agree to act in the best interests of JFS Orlando and its clients without any intention of obtaining direct or indirect financial benefit. It is considered a conflict of interest for a volunteer to solicit business from clients with whome they work.
  • I agree to accept this code of ethics when functioning as a JFS Orlando Volunteer and to perform my duties to the best of my ability, carefully and cheerfully.
*If volunteer is under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must provide signature

Authorization for Release of Information

I hereby grant and authorize permission to Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando (JFS Orlando), 2100 Lee Road, Winter Park, Florida, and/or to its authorized agent and/or representatives, to release my full name, pictures or video images to JFS Orlando for publication purposes in the public press, media, the agency newsletters and publications and in all general public relations materials.

*If volunteer is under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must provide signature
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