Rabbi Arny on…Small Beginnings

“Your beginning was small; yet your end should greatly increase.”

(Job 8:7)

No matter how small or how far back your starting point is, you have to start somewhere. The underdog. The Cinderella story. The diamond in the rough. Sometimes our beginnings are small, but that shouldn’t limit how far we can go!

Many of the families who come to Jewish Family Services are starting small and at the brink of new beginnings. They lost their job, they ended a difficult relationship, they lost the main bread-winner of the house. They may be starting a few steps back, or all the way at square one, but JFS is there to support them while they start back up again.

This new year, we’re fostering new beginnings, big or small. With your $50 gift today, we’ll continue to do so all year-round.

Thank you!

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