COS USY Gesher Social Action Program

USY Gesher students shopping at the grocery store while learning about food insecurity

On Sunday, November 13th, 6th-8th grade students from USY Gesher at Congregation Ohev Shalom participated in a social action program about hunger and food insecurity.

Students were taken grocery shopping and given a limited amount of money with the instructions to buy as much food as possible. Different groups took different approaches. Some focused on bulk – getting the most amount of servings per dollar spent, while some focused on getting a larger variety of foods. All the food purchased was then donated to JFS Orlando’s Pearlman Food Pantry, totaling 27 lbs.

After shopping was done, participants engaged in a conversation about what the experience was like for them. They learned about the number of families supported by the Pearlman Food Pantry, how many people in Florida are considered food secure vs. insecure, and how hunger can happen to anyone – especially with rising costs of food. Students left feeling educated, proud of doing something to help others, and grateful for the food they have.

Thank you, USY Gesher, for including JFS Orlando in this important program and for your donation to our Pantry. We hope you learned more about how food insecurity affects our community and how we can help make an impact together!

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