Michael McKee
Volunteer Award

Thank you to all who attended on December 9th at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market. We had a great time together, celebrating Mike’s years of dedication and leadership in support of JFS Orlando.

Phil Flynn (Executive Director), Mike McKee (Honoree), and Marty Sherman (Board President)
Ross Pearlman, Audrey Cohen, and Bruce Gould
Louis and Sara Stern
Lynn Minkow and Bruce Gould
Barbara Grossman (Former Board Member) and Marty Sherman
Marty Sherman and Mike McKee
Phil Flynn and Ross Pearlman (Volunteer)
Phil Flynn
Marian Bromberg, Rosalie Levy, and Barbara Weinreich
Mike McKee
Lauren Bloom, Risa Tetenbaum, and Barry Bloom
Jack McKee, Sarah McKee, Mike McKee, and Drew McKee
Marion Sherman, Marty Sherman, Barbara Grossman, and Marian Bromberg
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