Welcome to the Team: Spotlight on Brenda S. Faiber, MS, LMFT


Brenda S Faiber, MS, LMFT


Welcome (back) to Brenda S. Faiber, MS, LMFT, JFS Orlando’s newest Counselor! Brenda has been a practicing Marriage & Family Therapist for 37 years and has worked as a consultant and therapist in many different venues.

She previously worked for JFS from 2001 to 2004 as the Jewish Network Therapist and worked on the former Grandparents Connect program, which brought interfaith grandchildren together with their Jewish grandparents in programs based on the Jewish Holidays. She also led a Family Life Education program which included parenting classes. Brenda enjoyed her time and the close knit team at JFS and is looking forward to being back again!

Other venues she’s worked in include Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Centers, FEMA and recently as a Behavioral Health Specialist for a comprehensive and all-inclusive LGBTQA center and her private practice in Altamonte Springs.

She cannot think of anything else that she would be happier doing or as rewarding. She has helped so many broken individuals; be it abuse survivors, trauma victims, ones suffering from anxiety and depression, substance abuse addicts, wounded inner children, dysfunctional couples and families and those threatened by a catastrophic illness. She has held their hands every step of the way on their journeys to healing, assuring them, supporting them, empowering them and encouraging them to see the possibilities that are out there. Brenda is a cancer survivor, 25 years out, given 6-9 weeks to live in March, 1996. The rewards have definitely been overwhelming at times. Before her eyes, she has witnessed individuals who were totally dysfunctional heal and reclaim their lives and become successful.

“My greatest joy is when a client shares with me that I made a significant difference in their lives and they will be forever appreciative and grateful,” says Brenda.

Helping people live safely in the world being all that they can “be” is what being a therapist is all about for her. Her mission has always been to provide a safe, nurturing environment for individuals to heal their wounds, reclaim their lost selves and learn how to become proactive in their lives.

She believes that: “We all have the gift of life and it is up to us how we live it.  Don’t ever give up and take ‘no’ for an answer.”

We’re looking forward to having you back on the JFS Team, Brenda. Welcome back!

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