4 Men’s Health Month Tips (for You or the Men in Your Life)



Didn’t you know? June is National Men’s Health Month, created to encourage men to take care of their bodies and to raise awareness of early detection and preventable health problems. Whether for you or for the men in your life, check out our 4 men’s health month tips:

1. Men need yearly physicals too. You might think you’re fine and you don’t need it or maybe you just keeping pushing it off, but an annual physical can help catch something early and prevent a bigger problem down the road. It’s also a great opportunity to discuss any concerns with your primary care doctor, including your mental health or help with alcohol use. It can even just help you get comfortable with your provider and find it easier to talk with them about personal concerns. Don’t wait until a crisis. Schedule your annual check-up today!



2. Men’s mental health can be impacted by hormonal changes. From anxiousness, sleeplessness, moodiness, or difficulty concentrating, there are many mental symptoms of hormonal changes that can affect men. Mental health professionals work in conjunction with medical providers to find the best treatment options that will be the most effective. Your primary care doctor is a good place to start to rule out if recent mental health changes might be related to a medical or hormonal condition.

3. Men have love languages too. Whether yours is physical touch, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, quality time, or acts of service, take time to prioritize your relationship by learning each other’s love language. Remember, we don’t always give and receive love in the same language, so it’s important to know for better communication.



4. Men are less likely to ask for help. You might want to do it yourself, but biting off more than you can chew puts you at a higher risk of stress. Similarly, you might not ask for help with your mental health care when you need it. If you are not comfortable seeking support (yet), journaling is a great starting point to explore.

Men’s Health Month is a great opportunity to take a moment and examine how you (or the men in your life) take care of your health. Use it as an excuse to make some tweaks, set some goals, and start enjoying a healthy lifestyle!

Looking for more tips and guidance? JFS Orlando’s counselors are specialized in various areas and are here to support you. Telehealth counseling appointments available! Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurances are accepted. Sliding scale available for those who do not have insurance or have an insurance we do not accept. Call (407) 644-7671 or complete our online form to request an appointment today!

Author: Ashlyn Douglass-Barnes, LCSW, JFS Clinical Director 

Ashlyn Douglass-Barnes, LCSW is the Clinical Director and a licensed clinical social worker at JFS Orlando. Ashlyn has worked in a variety of settings including outpatient community based mental health, inpatient/admission psychiatric hospital, substance abuse/DUI, dialysis/medical, and in home/office outpatient therapy. 

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